Sunday, February 18, 2007

The following links contain information related to the stereotyping of TV show viewers for shows and the commercials that are associated with them:

American squirm: At home in a crowd

Super Bowl Ads: Most Popular - IFILM Arts &Entertainment: Don't Call it a Comeback

Home Depot Taps the Weepy Part of Reality TV

Televison and Gender Roles- General Advertisments

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Jessie said...

Hi Michelle!
I think that you've got a great topic here! I saw your links and thought of the whole Home Depot "do it herself" workshops that they advertise (it's as though they'll teach women the dumb stuff? Is it not manly diy topics, or just not enough women shopping at the HD? Do they use pink tools? All random questions that I've had since i started seeing the stupid advertisement...too bad that I would rather retain my credibility at my local home depot than just sign up for one of those classes! Hahaha....I could go incognito... :o)

Also, weepy reality tv made me think of the "extreme makeover" (non-cosmetic surgery edition...) house gutting edition (I guess the other one is the body-gutting edition? hmmm). A few were aired in the months that followed hurricane Katrina and had been cited by government (federal) officials as "success stories" --- aka instead of funding FEMA like they were supposed to, now, reality tv can solve the whole 'disaster aftermath yucky-stuff'. grrrr... perhaps the show cops could do the US law enforcement and maybe someone from an ESPN extreme sports-type show could replace 1st responders too? wow...make the whole US a reality Obviously, I'm being sarcastic, but it certainly makes me think that the reality stuff is not so trivial when you hear a show being cited as a "plus side" to the Katrina disaster.....AHHHHH!!!!
- Jessie :o)